Mike Pappas is now available on W2K17 & 18!


International box office star, Mike Pappas is now available in the W2K17 & 18 as a custom downloadable superstar.  To download Mike Pappas, go to "W Community Creations" on the main menu and click on "Downloads".  On the Community Downloads page, to filter your search for Mike Pappas you may use one of the following hashtags;  "Mike Pappas" or the "the Flying Greek".  Because of the filter software, you may need to scan the screen for a few moments to find the Mike Pappas custom superstar at which time you can download into your game.  Have fun!

"Mike Pappas, the little Greek was flying through the air long before the likes of Taka and others whom hardcores put over in the contemporary sheets and on the net. Unlike the contemporaries who only know  fancy spots but have no sense of how to work a bout or time one, he was a tremendous technician, but was usually used as a "carpenter" to build up various heels brought in to eventually face the champion. Very little is mentioned of him anymore." - A. Nonymous

"Dynamite Mike Pappas, the Flying Greek was way ahead of his time, if he had wrestled into the 80's and beyond, he would have been a superstar in the company of wrestling legends like, Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio Jr., C.M. Punk the Hardy Boys and others." - Ray Mileur

"I remember him back in the early to mid 70's. He was kind of like Rudy. The movie about the physically small kid whose dream was to play for Notre Dame in football. Like Rudy, Pappas was, "5 feet nothing, and weighed 100 and nothing." Yet he was full of energy everytime he was in the ring. You knew he was going to lose every time, you knew you were going to get a good show. " - the Silver Warrior

"Always a crowd pleaser who gave 100% in his matches. An all around great worker. I remember him from TV in the WWF around 1971/2." - Ring Memorabilia

"Back in the early mid-70's there were a couple of wrestlers who ALWAYS gave a good show. Mike Pappas couldn't have weighed more than 170lbs. at approx. 5"6. he had good atheletic ability and was exciting to watch."
- Wrestling Classics - Silver Warrior
Manoli Savvenas
a.k.a, Mike Pappas, "the Flying Greek"

Former European & World Light Heavyweight Wrestling Champion
USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame - Wrestling Living Legend Award
Pappas held multiple Mexican titles and was an international top box office draw!


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